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Wanderlost chronicles the adventures of an 8-month solo around-the-world journey through South America and Southeast Asia. Follow along with Wanderlost's Chief Traveling Officer (CTO), Fiona O'Leary Sloan, as she treks around Patagonia, swims in waterfalls in Thailand, and attempts to become a yogi in Indonesia.

Wanderlost.co is part-chronicle, part-portfolio, part-how-to, part-blog. At it's core, it's a place where I can share my experiences traveling around the world with those I know and love, those wondering why travel photos of that girl they vaguely knew in high school are showing up on their newsfeed, and those who have never met me but are interested in starting their own adventure.


This website is a living, breathing thing - and I am still uncertain of the path that it will take. But that ethos is the very concept underlying any around-the-world, plan-as-you-go adventure -- and is true to the name of the blog, as well: Wanderlost.

So there it is. Wanderlost is a place for anyone who has ever felt more found that lost white wandering to the edges of the earth. Because I, for one, have never felt more at home.

XOXO, Fiona

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